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About Us

Both of our therapists are licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor with the State of Texas. We both attended and graduated from the same program in the Texas A&M University System and between us have 34 years of experience as Cognitive Behavioral Therapists.

We are currently only providing services through telehealth, and we hope to see patients in the office soon.   



Our therapists were specifically trained in CBT (or Cognitive / Behavioral Therapy) with other techniques utilized as needed, such as when a patient needs to deal with / communicate emotion (processing) immediately.  So the approach is somewhat different between therapists, CBT is our focus. CBT is still the only evidence-based therapy, shown in clinical trials to have a significantly higher positive outcome than any other therapy across the spectrum of mental health. It is a proactive, clinical type of therapy, based upon the medical model of starting "Anything could be the cause" and narrowing down to "This is the cause for this feeling or behavior". The focus is on cognitive restructuring and behavioral conditioning.  Homework, journaling, and assignments ensure that the patient is not only being treated "in the office", but is being taught to treat themselves at home. Because of this, CBT is very much a teaching therapy in which the patient is involved. 



Couples (of varying types) come to us for many reasons, the first of which is the attempt to save their relationship. When we first see a couple, we make sure that both people have the opportunity to tell us what they think the problem is. There are a significant number of things we are told by both sides, and the couple doesn't always agree on the main problem.

In my eighteen years of practice, maladaptive communication is the number one problem I encounter with couples who come to see me. Whether there is not enough communication, the communication does not come across to the partner correctly, or people spend more time waiting to speak than listening to what their partner is saying, communication issues rapidly become the focus of couples therapy.



Play Therapy is a specific type of therapy for children ages 10 and under. There are two main types of play therapy and a third type that can be helpful in specific circumstances. The two main types are directive and non-directive play therapy. Children communicate with their play much the some way that adults do with their words. By initially observing a child play to look for themes, the play therapist then "enters into their play". The therapist literally plays with whatever game or toy the child selects. This is referred to as "non-directive" play therapy. When the therapist wants to determine more, they may use "directive" play therapy, choosing a game or toy and playing with the child, and observing the child's play and the child's reactions.

NOTE: Due to COVID and other factors, we are currently only seeing children 10 years of age and over

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Our Approach

“People should live happier, healthier lives. That is what all well-adjusted people want. My focus is on helping people achieve these and other goals. Everyone at one time or another goes through tough times. Some people go through them on their own, but sometimes it takes a professional, unbiased perspective to help people see clearly. We believe people's perceptions of the world are the result of both nature (inherited traits) and nurture (environment) which form thought processes and behaviors. These then become the patterns of thoughts and behaviors through which we all interact with the world. Let’s address these together and find maladjusted thoughts and behaviors and through form new patterns of perception!

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Always ready to listen when I need to process my irrational feelings of rejection.

Crystal, Age 47

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